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Information resources

The major strategic task of the National Library of Belarus (NLB) is the development of information resources that meet the demands of modern information society. The NLB’s information resources are designed for both satisfaction and formation of information needs of different categories of users by providing different kinds of documents and results of analytical-synthetic processing. The NLB has the most complete and demanded documentary collection in the country. It houses more than 9 million documents created both in Belarus and abroad (printed publications, manuscripts, microfilms, electronic documents etc.) in more than 50 languages.

The National Library of Belarus holds a very special position in the system of information-documentary institutions of Belarus specializing in acquisition, development, accumulation and use of information resources. It has the most complete universal collection of national documents and documents published in other countries. The development of information resources is part of the activities of the national library and information, social, cultural and socio-political center as a significant component of the information structure of society.

The NLB develops its information resources taking into consideration the possibility to converge information resources of libraries, archives, museums, information centers and services. These activities are aimed at:

  • storage of the complete collection of national information resources;
  • selection and storage of socially significant world information resources;
  • development of information retrieval systems for the NLB’s information resources;
  • development of navigators for public national and the most demanded international information resources;
  • corporate processing of documents of library-information institutions of the country and use of the created bibliographic and authoritative records;
  • creation of the bibliographic repertory of national documents, participation in the world bibliographic resource development;
  • creation of a broad spectrum of bibliographic, factographic and other analytical information;
  • digitizing of documents, mostly national ones;
  • development of the electronic archive of national documents and the distributed national electronic library which unites digital information resources of all Belarusian libraries and information centers.

Developing information resources, the National Library of Belarus stays respectful of national and all-human values and stands for political and religious neutrality.

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